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Our Studies:
We take pride in our strong
academic reputation. This page
allows us to explain our
requirements and classes. We
offer a wide range of classes,
as well as several areas where
students can concentrate their

We are dedicated to teaching a
child as much as possible during
each class. Our classrooms are an
open and friendly setting that
allow students to contribute.

Our students are using Mavis Beacon
to learn how to type. Beginning
with the homerow "ASDF". We use Jumpstart,
Reader Rabbit and Schoolhouse Rock.
The children are having fun and
are learning.

Areas of Concentration:

* Phonics
* Reading
* Spelling
* Math
* Science
* Health
* Bible
* Music
* Computer
* Handwriting
* Free Reading Time
* Conduct and Manners

Current Curriculum:
Taylor - Fourth Grade

* Saxon Math
* Saxon Phonics

*Abeka Health
* Merrill Science

Tricia - Seventh Grade

* Daily Grams 
* Creative Writing
* Saxon Math 
* Spelling Power
* Handwriting Cursive
* Abeka Health, Manners and Safety
* The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child
* Merrill Science


* Art
* Trips Around The World
* Math flash cards
* Blend Ladders
* Blend Practice Cards A & B