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Our home school began on February 15, 2000 when we withdrew our daughter from a private school kindergarten. At first we had to "deschool" her. She was making daily remarks like "my teacher did it this way", "I want to be the line leader", etc. We had to deprogram those school ways and relax her a bit. Once this was done (2 months or so), we continued with her lessons very relaxed.

This is a learning process for us all. The internet and library are great for research on getting started. By purchasing a couple of books, I was able to know what she needed to learn and then I set up our curriculum. Being involved in email support groups are great for help on individual concerns, I am able to get help from other's who homeschool.

I have gotten away from the "school-in-a-box" and have been able to view textbooks and workbooks from various publishers. I can choose what is right for us. I often wonder why it is necessary to purchase books each year. Wouldn't it be nice if there was one grammar, one science, one health book that would cover from preschool through high school. We found this with our spelling. Check out "Spelling Power", the only spelling book you'll need.

We've expanded our homeschool to add home daycare. We are working hard at getting our center up and running. We will post our progress. Watch us grow.

Our Staff
We have experienced and dedicated teachers / mother and father. These teachers strives to create a supportive and challenging classroom atmosphere to encourage students to participate.

Where I am strong in English and math, my husband is strong in history, science and history of the Bible. Together we compliment each other by adding different perspectives to the students.

Students of the Year
This years featured students are (Pa)Tricia and Taylor. Tricia is working on her 8th grade curriculum. While she enjoys learning at home in our school setting, her favorite subjects are art, science and math. Tricia is 13.   She loves anime, manga, the Internet and making videos and posting them on youtube.

Taylor is nine and is working on 4th grade curriculum.   He loves math. Taylor will sit down and ready a story to anyone who will listen.  He still enjoys being read to at bed time.  He loves to play PS2 and wanting to get a PS3 or Xbox 360.