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How to start homeschooling

An important part of any school is to have activities outside of the classroom.

Homeschool Support Group
We continue our membership with a local homeschool support group. We will have Thursday afternoon at the park, monthly field trips and 4H. We are adding more YMCA HomeSchool Gymnastics sessions because we had so much fun last year.  We've continued with the Brandon HotRollers Bowling League.  Our bowling has improved so much.  Taylor's team won first place once and Tricia average has gone up (mine, too).  We are looking forward to the much needed socialization!
  Monthly Science classes at MOSI (Science Museum)

We make monthly trips to MOSI for the homeschool program. They learn science, hands-on, interact with other children and have a lot of fun.


FLORIDA AQUARIUM - check for classes here, too.

Arts and Crafts
Make a squirrel feeder at a local home improvement center. We can study the habits of the creatures that visit the feeder.

A typical day at our homeschool

We wake up on our own. We are usually all awake by 8:00 am. We eat our breakfast together then begin our morning chores. Making our beds, dishes, and a basic straighten up of our house keeps it tidy. Getting showered, dressed, and all brushed up, keeps us feeling good about ourselves.

9:00 am we begin homeschooling. We all go to our family room that has been fixed for home school. 
Tricia receives her instructions and assignments for the day and begins work.  Taylor works more one on one with me because he requires more instruction and assistance.
12:00 lunch.
After lunch we return to school until we are finished with the day's lessons.
We have a quick (5 minute room rescue, for all you Flyladys) and then start dinner.
After dinner we finish our daily chores and have family time.
Every evening before bed I read a few chapters in the book we are reading. We are currently looking for an new book to start.


Other Activities:

We like to play Chinese Checkers.

We watch Schoolhouse Rock videos.

We have a DVR (digital video recorder).  We record our favorite learning shows like In Between the Lions, Reading Rainbow, Zach's Ultimate Guide, Head to Toe and Colonial House.  We can watch them, no commercials and on our time.  Love it!

We learn to following building instructions with TinkerToys, K'nex and Lincoln Logs.

Life Skills For Kids: Equipping Your Child for the Real World
I've been reading a great book "Life Skills for Kids: Equipping Your Child for the Real World"
by Christine M. Field
. A book for homeschooling your children. I am getting a lot of ideas from it.